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Providing small business owners financial peace of mind

About Barbee Business Services

Barbee Business Services, LLC is a registered and licensed firm that provides experienced, affordable and dependable services to small businesses throughout the state of Maine. Our mission is to help our clients prosper by providing them with a wide array of professional services, products, and solutions to help them better manage their finances and organizations.

We specialize in the provision of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax and other business-related services to small business and individuals. Our mission is to support you so you can grow your business.

Our Services includes:

The firm offers flexible outsourcing solutions allowing for reduction in overhead and more productive time for operational growth. Services are available daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your needs. We are passionate about helping businesses in our community, whether pre-startup, start up or well-established.

At the heart of everything we do: Integrity, Confidentiality and Reliability. To always act with Integrity, maintain Confidentiality of our client’s information, and to always be Reliable and dependable for our clients. We take your time and business seriously, devoting the time and energy to meet your expectations, making sure you are confident with our services.